Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cards and Packages to Robert

A lot of people have been asking me about sending Robert Christmas Care Packages or Christmas Cards. I know he will totally love getting anything. Letters from home are completely priceless to our soliders. "Here is a link to care package ideas, most of the items on the list he has mentioned in the past. The fun ideas are all also really good. And itunes gift cards are good too, he can use these to purchase music, games, books on tape and more. If you have any questions just call me :) It would also be a good idea to have it in the mail before the 11th of December to ensure he gets it by Christmas. And as i mentioned even a Christmas card would be such a blessing to him. He loves and misses all his family and friends so much.
If you do send a package be sure to mail it in a APO box from the Post office to get special discounted rates for mailing packages to soliders


Robert Le Bel
ACO 1-186 IN 41/IBCT
Task Force Guardian
Camp Adder
APO AE 09331

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